Canadian Pacific Railway introduces the one-stop-service for shipping perishable products

Platon Tvardovski

​As Canadian Pacific Railway Limited (CP) continues to develop its total transportation product, the company launched today a brand new service offering called CP TempPro, for customers shipping perishable products. This offering will allow CP the opportunity to grow the company’s book of business with perishable protective service (PPS) customers.

Focused on transporting products that require strict temperature settings, CP’s growing fleet of PPS is one of the largest and most advanced in the industry. CP TempPro ensures that customers’ products are transported in a reliable, fuel-efficient temperature-controlled environment.

In 2017, CP announced the purchase of 41 gensets to better serve its international customers. These gensets also support the new reefer domestic repositioning program (reefer DRP), which creates new shipping options for our domestic customers and provides improved round trip economics for our international shippers. In 2018, CP will invest in over 400 new 53′ reefers to support the growing temperature-control market. CP will also be the first to offer Thermo King’s SLXi-DRC model which features a slimmer design, allowing for two additional pallet positions in a shipment. The SLXi-DRC also utilizes a greener refrigerant, R-452A, which decreases global warming potential over its predecessor, the R-404A. In addition, CP is purchasing over 350 53′ heater units. Combined, these investments will support CP TempPro.

“CP is committed to giving our customers everything they need as one total transportation product, which is why CP TempPro is a great addition to our roster of services,” said Jonathan Wahba, Vice-President, Sales and Marketing, Intermodal and Automotive. “Great customer service is imperative to what we do at CP. We have listened to our customers and have learned that efficient, timely and reliable access to our network is paramount to expanding their business, and ours.”

CP’s fluid and reliable domestic intermodal network also boasts the shortest routes to key markets, including Toronto to Vancouver and Calgary. Throughout 2017, CP made significant investments in its broader intermodal franchise, which is now complemented with a variety of upgrades such as the Portal, North Dakota Live Lift, CP FastPass and enhanced transload services. CP also offers the most direct intermodal service from Vancouver to Detroit and direct service from Vancouver to the Ohio Valley.

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