Marshfield Farm Ice Cream and Vanfridge Zero in with Hubbard

Date: 05 June 2018

A Hubbard Products Zero Z380SBA, with 240 volt standby, has been specified by Marshfield Farm Ice Cream, one of the Southwest’s leading artisan Ice-cream producer, and its transport supplier, Vanfridge. The unit is fitted to a Ford L3H3/130PS running at -23°C and is used exclusively for ice-cream delivery throughout the UK.

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Mark Foster, managing director of Vanfridge and Polar Van Rental explains why Hubbards’ performance and reliability were key factors in the specification, “This is the fifth van that we have supplied to Marshfield Ice Cream in twenty-four months, covering engineering support vehicles to this, their second fridge van. Because Marshfield Farm’s products have such a high reputation for taste and quality, it is essential that it is kept in optimum condition during the logistics phase. He continues “We have specified the Hubbard Zero 380 for other clients and know that it is highly reliable and easy to service and maintain, making it the perfect solution for ice cream delivery.Traditionally with this high-level of specification; installation compatibility and reliability can be an issue with some refrigeration systems. The vehicle is also fitted with air-conditioning for the operators’ comfort on long delivery routes, which is completely compatible with the refrigeration unit installation.”

Founder of Marshfield Farm Ice Cream, Will Hawking says, “It is a long way from the hobby my wife, and I started when I would deliver ice-cream to outlets throughout the city of London in an old farm truck with a freezer strapped onto the back. Now because of the breadth and depth of our range, it is critical that we have refrigerated transport that we can rely on. The specification of 240 volt standby means that in keeping with our sustainable outlook we can keep the vehicles at -23°C using off-peak electricity, helping to balance the grid, as well as ensuring stock can be moved quickly and efficiently first thing each morning”.

Mark Foster of Vanfridge concludes, “At our sister company Pola Van Rental; we operate over 30 Hubbard Zero chilled and refrigerated units on medium and long-term rental contracts and our practical knowledge of their reliability, performance and ease of service gives us total confidence in recommending them to customers who looking to add value to their product and extend their logistics fleets.”

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