SEUR opts for one of AKO Group's most innovative solutions to secure the cold chain

Date: 29 September 2021

AKO Group, a Spanish company specialising in the development, manufacture, and supply of sustainable and efficient refrigeration solutions, mainly focused on the control and monitoring of refrigerating facilities and last-mile transport, has made available one of its most innovative Internet of Things (IoT)-based solutions to one of the leading express transport companies, SEUR.

For AKO Group, this project has meant listening first-hand to the needs of the refrigerated transport sector, especially for perishable products and thermolabile drugs, and offering a solution that guarantees end-to-end traceability during shipment.

The multinational transport company, with a fleet of more than 6,500 vehicles, has relied on the AKODATA IOT solution to continuously record temperature and humidity conditions and monitor the entire cold chain end-to-end with a single system, and across all operations (cold rooms, lorries, last-mile delivery vans and ATP containers). The device provides continuous information on the state of preservation of refrigerated products during transport, guaranteeing the safety of the product before consumption.
One of the main reasons why SEUR has opted in favour of the AKODATA IOT solution for its SEUR COLD service is the reliability and security of the data, as well as the management of alarms to ensure the products are always within the desired temperature range. Fast and easy system implementation into the lorries, containers and cold rooms is also another key reason for choosing this solution, which also facilitates end-to-end control of the cold chain in a single network. 
When it comes to critical processes, the preservation of goods during transport is considered of vital importance. In this respect, AKO Group has gone a step further by applying NB-IoT technology, also known as the Internet of Things, to the refrigerated transport sector.

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