Thermo King and Mercedes-Benz Collaborate to Advance Electrification of Refrigerated Transport in Ireland

Date: 19 April 2024
Thermo King and Mercedes-Benz Collaborate to Advance Electrification of Refrigerated Transport in Ireland
Mercedes-Benz selected Thermo King, a leader in transport temperature control solutions and a brand of Trane Technologies, to provide advanced refrigeration technology for its 100% electric eActros truck, which is currently being showcased in a national roadshow across Ireland. This collaboration has addressed the specific requirements of modern retail fleets and provided leading food retailers with a firsthand look at the efficient and environmentally responsible refrigerated transport solutions.

The joint project leverages Thermo King V-1000 refrigeration unit paired with the E-COOLPAC battery power solution, engineered to seamlessly integrate with the Mercedes-Benz eActros electric chassis. The combined solution of a high-performance, diesel-free refrigeration unit and a modular battery pack offers zero direct emission refrigeration with no impact on the autonomy of the electric truck. Thermo King’s dealer in Ireland, Ballinlough, was instrumental in this process, providing comprehensive consultancy and support, demonstrating the robust capabilities of Thermo King’s dealer network.

“Over generations, Thermo King has attracted the admiration and respect of all involved in the transportation sector in Ireland, thanks, in very large measure, to Thermo King’s presence in Ireland and the contribution that they have made as a leading manufacturer, exporter and employer,” said Fergus Conheady, Sales Manager, Mercedes-Benz Commercial Vehicles in Ireland. “Confident in the many benefits that will flow from the collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and Thermo King, two of the world’s leading suppliers to the transportation industry, we look forward to the contribution this project will make to the electrification of refrigerated transport in Ireland.”

“This collaboration with Mercedes-Benz underscores a shared commitment to innovation, sustainability and efficiency that answer the environmental and operational demands of modern fleets,” said Diarmaid Bucke, Sales and Service Area Manager Ireland at Thermo King. “Technological innovation can drive transport and logistics industry towards a more sustainable and efficient future. We are at the forefront of this trend, with a complete portfolio of electrified solutions for all types of vehicles that demonstrate how also the challenges of today can be solved with technology of the future”.

About Thermo King V-1000 and E-COOLPAC

Thermo King V-1000 unit paired with E-COOLPAC enables a chassis-independent, fully electric, and autonomous operation, adaptable across various vehicle types, ensuring flexibility and wide applicability.

Thermo King V-1000 units easily matches the performance of the leading diesel offerings while delivering the low cost, low weight and compact size of a vehicle-powered unit. The electric V-1000 unit can fit trucks of up to 25 tonnes, satisfying the needs of large truck operators with no-direct emissions and low Total Cost of Operations (TCO).

Thermo King E-COOLPAC is a battery power technology designed, tested and manufactured by AKSA, a Swiss developer and manufacturer of energy systems Thermo King has partnered with. E-COOLPAC is available in a range of battery modules, as well as extension packs to deliver power ranging from 15kWh to 105kWh. All units feature the same robust external enclosure and share component modularity.
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