10 years ebm-papst factory in Hollenbach

It is the 3rd of December 2007, in the newly built product group (PG) 4, the Hollenbacher factory of ebm-papst, nearly 150 employees start their work in the production. From this point on, the six largest sizes from ebm-papst will be produced here. Well, that's ten years ago. Reason for production manager Heiko Scheu to look back and praise to his employees in Hollenbach: "We manage to grow continuously with a highly motivated team since the beginning and every single one contributes to his part." At the beginning there were 400,000 fans a year, which were assembled and packed in Hollenbach, and now there are nearly one million. The annual turnover of the plant has grown from 65 million euros to 250 million euros. And pleasingly high incoming orders allow the production capacities to be expanded again next year. After the production expansion in 2014 and the affiliation of the central dispatch center in early 2017, this is a next big step in the development of the site. On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the plant, around 400 PG4 employees were thanked in early December to spend an "open house" in Hollenbach with their partners and children. A large number of employees used the opportunity to show their work to the family and thus celebrated the anniversary of the plant together.
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