100th store with award winning CO2OLtec refrigeration system opens

Carrier Corporation reached an environmental milestone with the opening of the 100th CO2OLtec installation at a new ALDI SÜD store in Germany. A winner of the prestigious Environmental Pioneer Award of the Cooling Industry in the United Kingdom, the CO2OLtec refrigeration system significantly reduces energy consumption and greenhouse gas emissions versus traditional supermarket refrigeration systems. Carrier Corp. is a unit of United Technologies Corp. ALDI SÜD, the global discount retailer, commissioned the first CO2-based refrigeration system from Carrier in 2007. With the opening of this new store at Monchengladbach Nordpark, ALDI SÜD now operates 18 environmentally-sound CO2OLtec refrigeration installations in Germany. ALDI SÜD’s CO2 strategy, in partnership with Carrier’s Commercial Refrigeration business, is focused on environmental stewardship as well as optimization of operating energy costs and service. Carrier leads with the number of CO2 refrigerant installations for commercial refrigeration. CO2OLtec achieved an environmental breakthrough by using CO2 as a refrigerant to significantly lower greenhouse gas emissions. The CO2 equivalent emission reductions of all Carrier CO2OLtec installations to date equate to 9800 cars being removed from the road. “CO2OLtec is a unique system for Carrier’s food retail customers in Europe looking to decrease their CO2 footprint through innovative refrigeration systems,” said Philippe Delpech, president, Carrier Commercial Refrigeration. “With government support, German customers, including ALDI SÜD, have contributed to the phenomenal success of CO2OLtec.” The rapid growth of CO2OLtec installations, especially in Germany, can be attributed to unique advantages of the system. The CO2OLtec system, engineered for environmental sustainability, efficiency and reliability, provides life cycle cost savings to retail customers. “Carrier’s CO2OLtec system demonstrates how technological innovation can reduce the impact of climate change, continuing Carrier's two-decade leadership with sustainable products and operations,” said John Mandyck, Carrier vice president for Sustainability and Environmental Strategies. “Carrier has the right refrigerant solution for every application, but every application will not have the same refrigerant solution.” Source: Carrier

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