105 years ago the first issue of journal "Kholodilnoe delo" (Refrigeration business) was published

105 years ago, in 1912, the first issue of journal "Kholodilnoe delo" (Refrigeration business)  was published in Russia.  Name of the journal was changed name several times and now it has name "Kholodilnaya Tekhnika" (Refrigeration equipment). More than 100 years the journal writes about modern refrigeration technologies. Please read below editorial message to readers of the first issue. It's very interesting! [gallery link="file" columns="4" ids="7396,7397,7398,7399,7393,7394,7395"]

Editorial message in the first issue, 1912 

It's been forty years since then, as artificial refrigeration found application in industry. In the begin, the question of obtaining low temperatures with the aid of certain physical processes was developed only theoretically, in the silence of laboratories and scientific offices of France, and only later became the development in the application of these processes to create new comfort for life. Further development has shown that the application of cold in the industry can be extremely varied and that the economic value of a new factor in the case of devices in our lives - refrigeration - is very important. Since the development of the question of the most appropriate means of refrigeration applications very quickly began to expand in depth and breadth, becoming the cultural property of all peoples. And now the use of cold in industry quite achieved great development, especially in the field of storage and transport of so-called perishable products, establishing a new era in nutrition of the peoples of cheap and healthy food. However, in many other fields of human life artificial refrigeration to find more and more wide application, enriching our lives with new, before the unknown cultural amenities. Cold ceased to be a synonym of death, and along with the warmth of fire became among the manifestations of the forces of nature, that we need. And close to the time when people will seem incomprehensible, how could the civilized life of a man to be without a harmonious combination of artificial heat and cold. Already now the number of refrigeration units reaches huge numbers: in the United States of North America quantity is up to 15,000, France - about 1,500, Germany -more than 6 000, Denmark is approximately 1,000. In Russia there are up to 220 refrigeration units and it is clear that this is necessary a very modest beginning of the future equipment of our country with its one hundred and fifty million population and vast agricultural industry. There is no doubt that the development of refrigeration in Russia will go parallel to the extension of information among the population groups that can benefit directly from its use, i.e. among farmers, fishermen, traders, etc. - in short, future consumers of the refrigeration industry. But that all such person could be adequately aware of, you loose a lot of care and work to determine both the substance and technology of the business and the benefits that it can bring. Contribute to the growth of such awareness is one of the most important tasks of our journal. Another, no less important task of the journal is to contribute to the development of questions about the most appropriate applications of refrigeration technology under peculiar climatic and living conditions of our Fatherland. The third important task of the journal is to unite the various figures of refrigeration, as representatives of science and practice, for the joint cultural work, leading to an increase in economic power of the country. Beginning to publish the journal, the editorial board appeals to all persons who are strong knowledge and experience to take part in the common work and to assist the editorial staff in achieving the goals set by it. And when was published first journal about refrigeration in your country? Take part in disscusion of our groups LinkedIn or Facebook. Follow daily refrigeration news:
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