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Johnson Controls Introduces Two New Screw Compressor Designs

Johnson Controls has introduced its new SBTP Series 408- mm (16.1-in.) sleeve-bearing screw compressor and the HPS Series 273-mm (I 0.7 -in.) high-pressure screw compressor.  

Emerson Launches Fractional Horsepower Scroll Compressors

Emerson announced it has launched fractional horsepower low-temperature Copeland Scroll compressors that utilize liquid-injection technology to cool discharge temperatures and reduce compressor stress while also meeting upcoming federal regulatory requirements.  

First Refrigerator Patented

In 1899, Albert T. Marshall of Brockton, of Brockton, Mass., received a U.S. patent for a refrigerator, titled “Automatic Refrigerating Apparatus.” It was “to provide means for automatically regulating the admission of the refrigerating medium [anhyrous ammonia] to the expansion pipes or chambers; second, to combine a thermostat and rheostat to automatically control” the pump motor.  

Carrier’s New 30MP Chiller Provides Greater Capacity, Ease of Installation

Carrier is expanding its water-cooled AquaSnap 30MP modular chiller line to offer a multi-chiller accessory that allows control of up to eight 30MP chillers simultaneously. When combined with the line’s new ease of mobility, customers can now maneuver 500 tons through tight spaces such as an elevator – making the line an ideal solution for replacement, retrofits and new construction applications.  

Güntner now runs its own measurement laboratory for CO2 and NH3

Güntner has had another measuring system at its location in Fürstenfeldbruck. What makes it so special is that it does not only measure the volume of CO2 and NH3 – it will also be possible to perform capacity and air volume measurements. And, in addition to this, the system will soon allow to carry out sound measurements.  

Danfoss Scrolls Compressors with IDV Technology

Danfoss extensive range of compressors now includes Danfoss Scrolls with Intermediate Discharge Valve (IDV) technology to offer functional benefits and savings throughout the lifecycle of the systems from development and operating costs to servicing and maintenance.   number-of-participants-in-the-market-intelligence-programmes

The HVAC&R market in the EMEA region 2015

Eurovent Market Intelligence (EMI), the European Statistics Office for the HVAC&R market, has published the results of its studies on 2015 sales in the Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region, based on the data collected from a large number of industry manufacturers.  

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