A study on leak detection systems

A study on refrigerants leak detection systems was recently mandated by the French Alliance for refrigeration and air-conditioning (AFCE), with the support of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME). Indeed, the French regulation has evolved in 2016 and it imposes regular control of leakages in refrigerating systems. It was then important to define the right tools to ensure adequate controls. The study was conducted by a research center of the MINES ParisTech School under the direction of Stéphanie Barrault. One of the aim of the study is to help refrigeration professionals in different sectors, such as commercial refrigeration, ice rinks or data centers, chose an efficient leak detection system. The study focuses on two different ways to detect leaks: Gas detectors on the one hand. They were tested on chillers leaks. Leaks were found in a few minutes and the measures were quite accurate, since leaks of 50g/hour were detected. Expert systems on the other hand. They were tested in supermarkets and food storage facilities, using indirect methods (such as a comparison between the current level of fluid to an average level, or modeling the system according to thermodynamic principles). They were longer to detect leakages (at least 8 hours), and only worked with systems using a tank. They detect leakages of less than 100g/hour. Read More
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