A Victory for the HVACR Industry Continuing Education Requirements Bill Enacted in Arkansas

Date: 19 May 2021
A Victory for the HVACR Industry Continuing Education Requirements Bill Enacted in Arkansas

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) applauds Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson for signing Bill HB1712, now Act 978, into law. The law directs the Arkansas Department of Labor and Licensing State HVACR Board to establish continuing education requirements.

After 14 years of lobbying Arkansas lawmakers, the new law establishes a requirement for a maximum of four hours of continuing education per year for HVACR contractors, which will be overseen by the HVACR Licensing Board. The HVACR Licensing Board will also assist and advise departments and establish fees for the proper administration of the requirements of the act.

ACCA has been a strong advocate and partner to the Arkansas HVACR Association and supports the requirement of continuing education as a component of state licensing.

“The HVACR industry is constantly evolving, and continuing education requirements help licenses function as a test of competency as opposed to a tax companies and contractors have to pay for doing business,” said Chris Czarnecki, ACCA government relations representative & coalitions manager.

"Until the passing of this bill, there weren't any requirements that HVACR contractors had to follow to stay current with technology or code,” said Tom Hunt, executive director of Arkansas HVACR Association. “Thanks to Representative Roger Lynch, Senator Jane English and Governor Asa Hutchinson, this law will ensure that contractors keep up with the industry's constantly changing standards and ensure the health and safety of everyone."

Barton James, ACCA president and CEO, had the pleasure of attending the May 4, 2021 bill signing in Little Rock, AR alongside Tom Hunt, and members of the Arkansas HVACR Association. ACCA appreciates the Arkansas HVACR Association for being at the forefront of this initiative and for addressing this important issue.

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