A wide range of equipment and materials from the company Holodon

Our company was established in 2000 with the participation and support of the Belarusian company "Holodon." At the same time were the ways and directions of development of the new organization. Since then and to this day our work - is the supply of consumables and components for professionals working with artificial cold and climatic equipment. Holodon company supplies a wide range of equipment and materials for refrigeration and climate control systems: the refrigerant (freon), Foran (Forane), Solkan (Solkane), refrigerator oil, heat insulation K-Flex (K-Flex), copper pipes and copper fittings, as well as tools and automation. Industrial refrigeration market is constantly evolving, evidenced by the growth in sales of industrial and commercial refrigeration equipment, such as: - Refrigerators and freezers; - Coolers; - Refrigerating machines and installations (one-piece and split-systems); - Refrigeration doors; - Compressors and compressor units of production of Belarus; - Air conditioning, ventilation, curtains; - Refrigerated display cases, shelves, Freezer cases; - Freezers and others. This not reduced demand for components and tools for servicing refrigeration: - Copper tube; - Copper fittings; - Refrigeration automatics; - Refrigerants; - Compressor oil; - Insulation, etc. .; Constant Availability key SKUs: copper pipe, fittings, Freon (refrigerant), insulation, refrigeration oil and tool set us apart from our competitors. Flexible system of discounts and professional advice and does become our distinctive business handwriting. We believe the partnership with "Holodon" is not only mutually beneficial but also enjoyable.
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