Ab Group Joins The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council As A Platinum Member

AB GROUP has joined the North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council (NASRC), a nonprofit taking action to create a more climate-friendly future for refrigeration.

“The team at AB Group are passionate about our industry. We care about what we do and the impact of what we do on our environment,” says Chris Vallis of AB Group. “Joining NASRC is another step for our business to assist in this ‘Green Transformation’ wherever possible, and excitingly in a new territory for our business. We are excited to offer & share our experience and hard lessons learnt in Europe to the North American market and work with NASRC and its other members in the coming months and years.”

The North American Sustainable Refrigeration Council is committed to improving the environmental impact of supermarket refrigeration through the widespread adoption of natural refrigerants. NASRC members represent all factions of industry: including service contractors, systems manufacturers, policy specialists, utilities, component manufacturers, supermarkets and other refrigeration end-users.

“It’s great to have members like AB Group, with experience in European markets,” says NASRC Executive Director Liz Whiteley. “We need to learn from their experience and use the lessons learned to help efficiently and effectively drive transition to natural refrigerants in North America, and especially here in the U.S.” Natural refrigerants include carbon dioxide (CO2), ammonia (NH3) and hydrocarbons like propane and isobutane. Compared to traditional fluorocarbon refrigerants like HCFCs and HFCs—which are potent greenhouse gases—natural refrigerants are considered “climate friendly,” with global warming potentials (GWP) at or very close to zero. Natural refrigerant technology also offers improved energy efficiency and often can save the end-user money in the long run.“

 Natural refrigerants—as an entire suite of technologies—offer environmentally appealing solutions that can fit every store format, size and geographic location,” says Tristam Coffin of Whole Foods Market, a founding member of NASRC. “The catch is that right now there are hurdles in the marketplace that are preventing the widespread adoption of these technologies. We’re excited to have an innovative company like AB Group join us to help address these hurdles.”


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