ACCA Fall Meetings Help HVAC Professionals Grow Their Businesses

Date: 22 November 2019
ACCA Fall Meetings Help HVAC Professionals Grow Their Businesses
ACCA Fall Meetings Help HVAC Professionals Grow Their Businesses
ACCA Fall Meetings Help HVAC Professionals Grow Their Businesses

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America held back-to-back fall meetings, bringing together hundreds of contracting professionals for industry-lead educational programs and networking events from November 5-8 at the Crown Plaza in Dayton, Ohio.

The speakers at ACCA Next Level (November 5-6) addressed the challenges and opportunities that the next generation of HVAC owners and managers need to develop their own leadership and management styles. ACCA’s popular Service Managers Forum (November 7-8) had presenters directly from the front lines of contracting – business owners, service leaders, and other industry experts – giving first-hand accounts of the tools and resources that are needed to be successful in a competitive playing field.  

“ACCA’s Service Managers Forum is always a worthwhile event, but this year, ACCA stepped up their game with scheduling changes and new and refreshing sessions,” said Brian Stack, President of Stack Heating Cooling and Electric, ACCA Events Committee Chairman, and Vice Chairman of ACCA’s Board of Directors. The whole event flowed very nicely. “ACCA also had programming that took attendees offsite to tour the Emerson Helix Innovation Center. It was fascinating to see how manufacturing companies test systems and environments, and then use them in their manufacturing processes. It was very kind of the Emerson team to offer this opportunity to event attendees.”

ACCA also presented its Service Manager of the Year award to Craig Sabol of Presidential Heating & Air Conditioning in Gaithersburg, MD. Sabol was gifted an American flag by ACCA that was flown over the United States Capitol Building on June 22, 2019, National HVAC Technician Day. The flag was flow by Congressman Markwayne Mullin (OK-2), former president of Mullin Plumbing, a full service HVAC company.

Click here to view photos from ACCA's Fall Meetings.

The NEXT Level and Service Managers Forum was sponsored by; Schedule Engine, Adrian Steel, Emerson, Broadly, XOi Technologies, Pointman, 3C Connect, The Blue Collar Success Group, Dividend, Honeywell, HP, FieldEdge, Jackson Systems, ServiceTitan, ServiceFactor, Davisware, SAWIN Mobile, Lytx, NEXA, Housecall Pro, SAMPro Enterprise, BuildOps, and Winsupply.

ACCA’s next contractor event will be ACCA’s Annual Conference at Union Station in St. Louis, MO, March 16-18. Visit ACCA Conference for more information.

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