ACCA Forms Partnership with High Level Marketing

Date: 19 February 2021
ACCA Forms Partnership with High Level Marketing

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) announces that High Level Marketing (HLM) has joined ACCA’s corporate partner program. HLM takes an educational-first approach to digital marketing with its clients, ensuring the best possible outcomes. Having experience marketing hundreds of HVACR companies nationwide, HLM brings a proven track record and insights to benefit the ACCA members. With more customers preferring digital interactions in 2021, HLM and the ACCA are poised to bring new ideas and technologies to the growing HVACR industry.

ACCA’s corporate partner program enables HVAC industry suppliers, manufacturers, and service providers to demonstrate their extraordinary commitment to ACCA members and the contracting industry through year-round support of the association's activities. The corporate partner program also provides increased access to ACCA’s nationwide network of contractors through tailored communications and marketing campaigns throughout the year.

“Having a strong online presence is a must for businesses to have a competitive edge and to succeed,” says ACCA Manager of Communications and Strategic Partnership, Deb Weiner. “High Level Marketing has the tools for HVAC businesses to get ahead, and we are very pleased to have High Level Marketing’s support in contractor excellence.”

When asked about the partnership, HLM CEO and Co-Founder Wes Mathews responded, “The sole goal of our business is to help our clients win more business. We create, develop, launch, measure, and modify websites and digital marketing strategies on our clients’ behalf. While we are passionate about using the latest technology to deliver highly enriched websites and digital marketing strategies, we also have an appreciation for the growth challenges businesses face in this new world moving forward.”

HLM Co-Owner and Chief Technology Officer, Jon Bowerman, added “We are proud to be in partnership with the ACCA and excited about the launch of our new educational programs and opportunities. It is only by listening and focusing with our industry partners that we can understand and appreciate how far we have come; and equally important, create the vision for where we want to go.”

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