ACCA Releases Updated HVAC System Maintenance Requirements

Date: 17 May 2019
ACCA Releases Updated HVAC System Maintenance Requirements
The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) announces the release of the 2019 Quality Maintenance Standard: ANSI/ACCA 4QM – 2019 Maintenance of Residential Systems.

ACCA’s Quality Maintenance (QM) Standard provides a set of nationally-recognized and manufacturer-endorsed inspection tasks that field technicians and practitioners must complete to ensure that a residential heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system was properly inspected and maintained. The QM Standard is recognized by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI), which confirms that ACCA followed an open and inclusive development process to ensure consensus was reached among those directly impacted by the standard.

“ACCA is proud to lead the industry by creating these technical standards that provide contractors with a template to create their own maintenance programs,” said ACCA President and CEO, Barton James. “For more than fifty years ACCA has been recognized as the industry’s standard provider. ACCA undergoes a vigorous approval process that includes contractor, manufacturer, and partner involvement to reach consensus for ACCA standards, and ACCA proudly leads these contractor-driven efforts that increase professionalism in the industry.

Donald Prather, ACCA technical services manager, said “ACCA members usually provide a more comprehensive maintenance plan than what’s detailed in the QM Standard, but as equipment evolves, it is important to check for updates to ensure existing maintenance plans meet the updated minimum requirements."

ACCA’s ANSI-recognized Quality Standards are available for complimentary download to ensure every practitioner understands the minimum requirements for HVAC design, installation, service, and maintenance. To view the 2019 ACCA Quality Maintenance Standard visit
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