ACCA Statement on U.S., Mexico, Canada Free-Trade Agreement

Date: 12 December 2019
ACCA Statement on U.S., Mexico, Canada Free-Trade Agreement

The Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA) released the following statement from ACCA President and CEO Barton James on the bipartisan U.S., Mexico, Canada free trade agreement (USMCA):

“ACCA is pleased that the President and Congress have reached a bipartisan deal on the USMCA. Tariffs on products and materials from Mexico and Canada have contributed to price increases as high as 20 percent on HVACR products. ACCA supports trade agreements that ensure the HVACR industry is not subject to tariffs.

This agreement is long overdue and ACCA appreciates President Trump’s leadership that brought our trading partners to the table and pushed Congress to take action. ACCA hopes this agreement paves the way for more bipartisan legislation in Congress, including tax extenders, infrastructure funding, and passage of federal legislation to ensure a unified HFC refrigerant phasedown schedule. ACCA also hopes that the USMCA leads to trade agreements, including with China, that could remove more tariffs that impact the HVACR industry.”

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