Advansor has been testing the new cylinder unloading technology from Bitzer called CRII

Date: 14 October 2020

In the past years Advansor has been testing and implementing the new cylinder unloading technology from Bitzer called CRII, which provides an additional 10% regulation. This allows a bigger lead compressor and, in many cases less compressors. At the same time, it still enables a much lower part load which will lead to better capacity regulation, giving a more stable system with positive effects on suction pressure. A more stable suction pressure allows running at higher suction pressure which leads to lower energy consumption. 
With the much higher capacity range (10-100%) on lead compressors, bigger compressors and thereby less compressors can be used lowering both investment and running costs. 
The negative drawback of cylinder unloading technology is a little lower COP in certain areas which is counteracted by standardising on high-efficient Permanent magnet motors (LSPM) and as there is no VSD there is no loss in the drive. 
Unloading technology could potentially lead to more compressor issues, and therefore the CRII technology from Bitzer has been implemented with protection SW, and more than thousands of hours lab tests have been conducted and hundreds of compressors are already running in the field. 
Technical Director from Advansor Kenneth Bank Madsen explains: “We offer the new lower-energy consumption models both with and without cylinder unloading on our ValuePack, CuBig and all Steel racks. It is well implemented through the whole value chain so still down to our market leading 5 weeks lead time.” 

Short Video about the technology

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