AEFYT announces the change of date d the course "Technical Emergency ammonia refrigeration systems"

Date: 07 April 2020
AEFYT announces the change of date d the course Technical Emergency ammonia refrigeration systems
AEFYT, Association of Cold and technologies, announces the change of date d the course "Technical Emergency ammonia refrigeration systems", scheduled for late April at the Technology Center of Lucena (Córdoba) because epidemic the COVID-19. The new call is scheduled for 28 and 29 October .

The course, which has the support of AFAR (Association of Manufacturers Refrigeration Andalusians) and OTEC Hazmat,It is unique in Spain and is designed to give professionals the cold sector of the tools needed to know how to act in case of emergencies in ammonia refrigeration systems. This fluid is a well-known classic and one of the big trends of new refrigeration systems because of their high levels of energy efficiency, consideration as a natural refrigerant, and hence not contaminant. Students can observe in situ the actual behavior of ammonia through a series of shows that reactions with this element when released is checked. different types of leakage liquid and gas studied in phase, and the behavior of vapor clouds and control procedures, precipitation and self cooling ammonia.

The course is aimed at technical personnel commissioning, maintenance and driving NH3 refrigeration systems and requires activating the incident action plan to respond to an ammonia leak when it exceeds the levels and limits. It is training and certification in the effective leakage management personnel execution and maintenance of refrigeration systems with ammonia so they know how to act awaiting the arrival of firefighters, as well as those responsible for risk prevention. The training will be provided by two expert teachers Otec Hazmat Training Worldwide, carrying on for years this training in various countries of America.
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