AEFYT has participated in the I Industrial Safety Congress

Date: 12 October 2021
AEFYT has participated in the I Industrial Safety Congress
AEFYT has participated in the I Industrial Safety Congress
AEFYT, Association of Cold Companies and their Technologies, has participated in the I Industrial Safety Congress held this week in Valencia, where it has presented the specific safety guides for the cold sector recently drawn up by the Association. The "Guide for the Prevention of Occupational Risks in Refrigeration Systems", prepared together with Confemetal, and the "Guide for Risk Analysis in Refrigeration Systems that use Flammable Refrigerants" come to cover a need of the sector that, until now, used general prevention guides for the industry.

Félix Sanz, attached to the AEFYT management, stressed that “the refrigeration sector requires extensive and ambitious qualifications because different technologies such as mechanics, electricity, refrigeration and, in recent years, computing are used. In addition, the places and fields of application are also very different, so it is required that the professionals of the cold have a general vision of the security, together with the specific one of the refrigeration systems in which they work ”.

The cold sector needed these specific safety guides also faced with the challenge of adapting to the numerous regulatory changes that affect it and which, among other things, have led to the introduction of slightly flammable refrigerant gases on the market, which are more sustainable. and efficient and whose use is safe by taking the appropriate measures. These guides constitute a practical manual on how to design facilities to make them safer and on how to carry out work and maintenance operations with guarantees for professionals and users.

"We believe that the guides are two good examples of how associations can work to improve the facilities and working conditions of our professionals," added Félix Sanz. All this, in addition, in a framework of fight against professional intrusion, in which the end user must be aware that only duly accredited professionals have the training and technical capacity necessary to protect people and property and to guarantee operation. safe and energetically optimal refrigeration installations.

Lorena Hernández, Asofrio's technical director, shared a table with Félix Sanz and highlighted that “the development of the AEFYT safety guides would not have been possible without the participation of many of the associated companies, who know first-hand the difficulties that professionals they meet their day to day. Sharing knowledge and growing together is the objective of any association and at AEFYT we are setting an example on how to extend these skills to the entire cold value chain ”.
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