Agreement between Japan and France and to Share Know-how in the Chilled and Frozen Transport

Yamato Holdings Co., Ltd. and Chronopost the leading specialist for express parcel delivery in France, which is a member of DPD Group which ranked 2nd in Europe for the international express parcel delivery, announced that they signed a comprehensive partnership agreement on April 7, for the purpose of expanding the cross-border small parcel chilled and frozen transport business between Japan and France, which includes the cross license agreement to share both companies' know-how in small parcel chilled and frozen transport. In recent years, countries in the world including Japan and France, are actively exports their high-quality agricultural and marine products, aiming to acquire new markets. On the other hand, with the increase of circulation of food products across border, the customer awareness on the safety and quality of their food products are rising. Under these circumstances, it is necessary for the food producers to ensure a constant quality of the small parcel chilled and frozen transport network. Yamato Group started the Japan nationwide door-to-door chilled and frozen transport service for small parcels called ‘Cool TA-Q-BIN’ in 1988. The high quality of various TA-Q-BIN service was then expanded to overseas markets, where they offer small parcel delivery, including chilled and frozen transport in Shanghai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia since 2010, exporting Japan's chilled and frozen transport quality abroad. And on 2013, Yamato Group launched the world's first international door-to-door chilled and frozen transport service called International Cool TA-Q-BIN from Japan to Hong Kong, which then expanded to Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan and Thailand*. Yamato Group has also been engaging in the development of the refrigerated parcel delivery industry worldwide by cooperating with British Standards Institution (BSI), resulting in the issuance of the world's first international standard for refrigerated parcel delivery services “PAS 1018”. Yamato Group is to further expand the standard to various countries in the world, especially in the Europe and Asia. Meanwhile, with the nationwide distribution network throughout France, Chronopost has been expanding the chilled and frozen transport market in the country since 2015. By constructing a dedicated network for its chilled and frozen transport apart from the regular delivery, Chronopost ensure a high quality delivery service. *International Cool TA-Q-BIN to Thailand will start on April 17, 2017.

Overview of the agreement

  • To promote cross-border chilled and frozen transport business between Japan and France
  • Sharing both companies' technology and know-how in chilled and frozen transport
  • Setting up new standards to enhance the quality of the chilled and frozen food transport
Based on this agreement, the two companies will share the delivery network and know-how to build a high quality small parcel chilled and frozen transport network between Japan and France. By improving the producers and customers' convenience, both companies hope to be able to contribute to the development of P to C (Producer to Consumer) market in both countries.  

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