Alfaco Polska celebrates 25 years

Date: 21 June 2018
This year sees the 25th anniversary of Alfaco Polska, CAREL’s Polish subsidiary. Alfaco was founded in 1993, during an uncertain and turbulent period in Poland’s history with the transition of the country’s economy. In fact, the government adopted several policies that represented a true economic revolution, leading to major differences between the official and unofficial exchange rate. The result was widespread uncertainty and confusion throughout the country. Over the following years, Alfaco opened a number of local offices, increasing its brand awareness and winning several prestigious awards and recognitions. Alfaco focused on growth by offering 260 technical training courses to customers every year. Also worth mentioning are its social commitment and corporate activities involving the promotion of an active lifestyle and support for its staff sports teams: the Alfaco Running Team and the Alfaco MTB Team. Over time, Alfaco became a leading distributor in the field of cooling, air-conditioning and ventilation systems, operating in Poland, the Ukraine and the Baltic Sea region. In 2017, Alfaco reached sales of PLN 52 million (more than 12 million euros), and today has six local offices located throughout Poland, employing more than 42 people across the country. “Thanks to determination, courage and good fortune, we have managed to create a unique personality for Alfaco over the last 25 years”, commented Jarosław Baranczenko, its Managing Director. “This personality is perfectly in line with CAREL’s values, and is the result of our ability to create new market trends, people with a passion for their company and, finally, sport, which is part of Alfaco’s DNA”.

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