AREA Introduction to refrigeration standard EN 378

Date: 25 July 2019
AREA Introduction to refrigeration standard EN 378
European Standard EN 378 relates to safety and environmental requirements in the design, manufacture, construction, installation, operation, maintenance, repair and disposal of refrigerating systems and appliances regarding local and global environments.
This booklet introduces the Refrigeration Standard EN 378 to those responsible for refrigeration systems and heat pumps, and especially to Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pump Contractors. Following the standard will assist Contractors to design, manufacture, install, commission and maintain refrigeration systems and heat pumps to ensure best practice. In addition, many requirements of local authorities for safety and environmental protection will be taken care of. 
The Refrigeration Standard EN 378 is an important source of information which if followed can increase the level of safety of refrigeration installations and help prevent accidents. For all refrigerants there are risks associated with pressure, fire or explosion hazard, or toxicity; this means that both professionals and the public can be compromised if best practices are not followed. The booklet therefore focuses on important points related to the safe use of refrigerants.
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