Arneg And Incold Renew "Latteria Di Lentiai"

Saturday, December 2nd, 2017 the dairy “Latteria di Lentiai”, the historic dairy located in Belluno (Italy) has renewed its store. There were many people at the opening: from the mayors to the president of the Lentiai cooperative with its members, to the citizens. All the people met there to celebrate the revamped dairy, which is well known since 1884 as a reference point for local products all provided by the members of the cooperative. Objective of the store’s renewal: to increase the production and create a store in line with new customers needs. The Arneg Group has had the pleasure of being part of the dairy’s suppliers for the store restyling project. Arneg refrigerated cabinets together with Incold cells have created a new store, able to maximize the visibility and genuineness of local products, creating a modern shopping experience. In particular, in the renovated dairy you can find the VENEZIA 2 serve-over counters and the OSAKA 3vertical glass-door, both chosen for their style, simple and elegant and, at the same time, able to enhance the visibility and the goodness of the different varieties of cheeses and foods displayed. In order to guarantee the best food preservation, the dairy has chosen to equip itself with the Incold COLD ROOMS and the HP2 refrigeration system signed by Arneg. Thanks to the restyling the dairy shines in a new light. Its history can continue and our wish is that it will continue for another 100 years because the  “Latteria di Lentiai” is more than a diary: it is an important local reality which aims to support every day the local economy. [gallery link="file" ids="10318,10317,10316,10315,10314,10313"]
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