Arneg Furnishes With The Refrigeration The New Eurospesa

Eurospesa is the new store opened in Mareno di Piave (Treviso, Northern Italy), inside the IL CENTROshopping mall. A wide range of fresh food departments with local products characterizes it: starting from the fish shop, the butchery, passing through the bakery and the gastronomy. Arneg has provided the supermarket with its best furnishings giving solutions that, on the one hand, combine a minimal and elegant aesthetic design in its white color and, on the other, emphasize the quality and freshness of the displayed products. The refrigeration system, powered by a MINI BOOSTER transcritical CO2 system, is combined with a very varied layout: - for the fish department Arneg has chosen the HALIFAX serve-over-counter, specialized in the sale of fresh fish and designed to offer full visibility to customers; - to enhance fresh meat and cheese, Arneg has thought about the LONDON 3 serve-over-counter, both in its assisted and self-service version; - the OSAKA 3 vertical cabinet with Full Vision glass doors has been used to offer a 360-degree view to the quality of packaged products, as well as the PANAMA 3 model; - the TORONTO closed islands, equipped with push-locks, together with the MARIBOR open islands host both packaged dairy products,  cold cuts and cheeses guaranteeing the highest quality of preservation. Finally, to complete the work, Arneg applied the OZONE SYSTEM to meat showcases. This technology, thanks to the use of ozone – natural gas with fungicidal and bactericidal effect – optimizes hygieneand safety in food preservation. For Arneg it has been a pleasure collaborating with Eurospesa in order to create a store that speaks of quality and well-being every day. [gallery link="file" ids="9263,9264,9265,9266,9267,9268,9269,9270,9271"]
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