ASHRAE and UN Environment Programme Launch Three-Year Workplan

Date: 15 April 2021
ASHRAE and UN Environment Programme Launch Three-Year Workplan

ASHRAE and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) announced the launch of its 2021-23 workplan. The workplan’s theme is “Refrigeration Management for Developing Economies” and was signed by Charles E. Gulledge III, P.E., 2020-21 ASHRAE President and James S. Curlin, Acting Head of UNEP OzonAction Programme.

In 2007, ASHRAE and UNEP OzonAction, signed an agreement aimed at promoting the adoption of state-of-art technologies and practices in developing countries, that avoid the use of ozone depleting substances and promote the deployment of lower global warming potential (Lower-GWP) refrigerants. The two global organizations also worked to offer tools and knowledge to help in eliminating emissions of refrigerants while servicing refrigeration and air conditioning applications. Both parties renewed their commitment of the continuing strategic partnership through a new umbrella MOU signed in 2019, replacing the original 2007 agreement. This is the fifth joint workplan.

The theme of the workplan recognizes the important role that refrigeration and air conditioning play in developing countries both in terms of societal benefits, ranging from protecting the food supply and vaccine storage to cooling for increased comfort and productivity, as well as  environmental goals, including compliance with international commitments. The workplan emphasizes the deployment of all ASHRAE-UNEP developed tools and programs, to make them reachable and accessible to different stakeholders in developing countries.

“One of the most important elements of ASHRAE’s work plan with UNEP is our collective ability to contribute meaningful resources to the critically important challenge of shifting to the use of refrigerants with lower global warming potential,” said Gulledge “We are delighted to continue our work with UNEP as we share knowledge and expertise to prioritizing the adoption of energy efficient solutions that lessen the impact of ozone depletion.”

“By offering a suite of state-of-art products and services, UNEP OzonAction and ASHRAE are helping to connect industry and policy-makers in developing countries to enhance environmental performance in the critical refrigeration and air conditioning sector. This partnership helps those countries meet their international commitments and ultimately to realize the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),” said Curlin. “The successful ASHRAE-UNEP cooperation model has helped us, UNEP OzonAction, to build similar meaningful partnerships with other organizations and associations.”

All ASHRAE-UNEP products and services included in the joint workplans are offered free of charge and are accessible to National Ozone Units (NOUs) and certain refrigeration and air conditioning sector stakeholders in developing countries through ASHRAE and UNEP OzonAction.

To view the complete work plan, please visit the ASHRAE UNEP Portal.

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