ASHRAE Presents Awards At The 2018 Winter Conference

ASHRAE recognized the outstanding achievements and contributions of members to furthering energy efficiency in the heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration industry during the 2018 Winter Conference. A list of the awards and their recipients are below.
Fellow ASHRAE is a membership grade that recognizes members who have attained distinction and made substantial contributions in HVAC&R such as education, research, engineering design and consultation, publications and mentoring. The Society elevated 25 members to the grade of Fellow:
  • Andreas Athienitis, Ph.D., Eng., professor, BCEE Department & NSERC/Hydro Quebec Industrial Research Chair and Director, Centre for Zero Energy Building Studies, Concordia University, Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
  • Frederick W. Betz, Life Member ASHRAE, senior mechanical engineer, PEDCO E & A Services, Inc., Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Jeff G. Boldt, P.E., HBDP, director of innovation and quality, IMEG Corp., Madison, Wis.
  • James A. Carlson, president, Seismic Source International, Omaha, Neb.
  • B. Keith Dunnavant, P.E., vice president, Sales/Americas, Data Center Division, Munters Corporation, Buena Vista, Va.
  • Deep Ghosh, P.E., principal/lead engineer, Southern Nuclear, Birmingham, Ala.
  • Katherine G. Hammack, executive director, performance improvement, government and public sector services, Ernst & Young, McLean, Va.
  • Traci A. Hanegan, P.E., HFDP, principal, Coffman Engineers, Inc., Spokane, Wash.
  • Adam W. Hinge, P.E., managing director, Sustainable Energy Partnerships, Tarrytown, N.Y.
  • Ronald E. Jarnagin, Presidential Member ASHRAE, principal owner, RLK Technical Consultants, Richland, Wash.
  • Shaobo Jia, Ph.D., principal engineer, global research and development, Heatcraft Worldwide Refrigeration, Stone Mountain, Ga.
  • Jay A. Kohler, P.E., director, technology and innovation, chiller solutions, Johnson Controls, New Freedom, Pa.
  • Edwin J. Langebartel, P.E., senior discipline engineer, mechanical, Coffman Engineers, Inc., Spokane, Wash.
  • Qiao Lu, Ph.D., P.E., senior staff scientist and engineer, Rockwell Collins (B/E Aerospace Inc.), Anaheim, Calif.
  • Raj M. Manglik, Ph.D., professor of mechanical engineering and director of the Thermal-Fluids & Thermal Processing Laboratory, University of Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Mark O. McLinden, Ph.D., chemical engineer, National Institute of Standards and Technology, Boulder, Colo.
  • R. Lee Millies, Jr., P.E., president, Millies Engineering Group, Munster, Indiana.
  • Alessandro Sandelewski, Ph.D., Ing., Life Member ASHRAE, technical director, ASC Engineering SRL, Milano, Italy.
  • Dilip R. Sarda, director, Synergy Agrothech PVT Ltd., Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India.
  • Jeffrey Siegel, Ph.D., professor, Department of Civil Engineering, University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
  • Luca Stefanutti, P.E., owner, Studio Ing. Stefanutti, Milano, Italy.
  • Rex Stockwell, P.E., senior engineering consultant, Vibrantcy, Albuquerque, N.M.
  • Wei Sun, P.E., president and CEO, Engysco, Inc., Ann Arbor and Farmington Hills, Mich.
  • Adrienne Thomle, retired global product manager, Honeywell International, Reno, Nev.
  • Gerald J. Williams, P.E., Life Member ASHRAE, partner/senior vice president, 8760 Engineering, St. Louis, Mo.
Award of Engineering Excellence
The Award of Engineering Excellence was created in 1989 to recognize a first place winner of the Technology Award competition for an outstanding application of innovative design and effective energy utilization. The recipient of the Award of Engineering Excellence has demonstrated the best overall compliance with the judging criteria. This award was last presented in 2014. The recipients are Jonathan R. Rumohr, P.E. and Jesse Hendershot in the existing educational facilities category for the Heritage Hall Alumni Center at Western Michigan University.

ASHRAE Technology Awards The ASHRAE Technology Awards recognize outstanding achievements by ASHRAE members who have successfully applied innovative building designs. Their designs incorporate ASHRAE standards for effective energy management and indoor air quality and serve to communicate innovative systems design. Winning projects are selected from entries earning regional awards. First place recipients are:
  • Roland Charneux, Pageau Morel et Associés, Inc. Montreal, Quebec, Canada, first place, new Commercial Buildings category, Mountain Equipment Co-Op Head Office, Vancouver, British Columbia. The building is owned by the Mountain Equipment Co-Op.
  • Mark C. Hersch, P.E. and Holly M. Stevens, P.E., MODUS, Des Moines, Iowa, first place, Existing Commercial Buildings category, Market One LLC, Des Moines, Iowa. The building is owned by Market One.
  • Raymond L. Beaufait, P.E. CMTA Consulting Engineers, Prospect, Kentucky, first place, New Educational Facilities category, Discovery Elementary School, Arlington, Va. The building is owned by Arlington Public Schools.
  • Steven T. Taylor, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, Taylor Engineering LLC, Alameda, Calif.; Todd Gottshall, P.E., Western Allied Mechanical, Inc., Menlo Park, Calif.; David Heinzerling, P.E., Taylor Engineering LLC, Alameda, California; and Allan Daly, P.E., Albany, Calif., first place, New Other Institutional Buildings category, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, Calif. The building is owned by San Francisco Museum of Modern Art.
  • Eric Michael Fullerton, P.E., HFDP, Adam M. McElderry, Andrew Jester, Bernhard TME, Little Rock, Arkansas, first place, Health Care Facilities Existing Building Commissioning category, Pineville Enterprise Energy Management Phase 1, Charlotte, N.C. The building is owned by Carolinas Healthcare System.
  • Samuel Paradis and, Yves St-Georges, P.Eng., SNC – Lavalin, Quebec, Canada, first place, New Public Assembly category, Amphithéâtre Multifonctionnel de Québec (Centre Videotron), Québec. The building is owned by Ville de Québec.
Student Design Competition
The Student Design Competition focused on a new single-story meteorological station in the Diego Ramirez Islands (Islas Diego Ramirez), Chile. First place in the HVAC Design Calculations category was awarded to San Jose State University. Team members are Wilton Chang, Matthew Le, Aditya Mairal, Austin Stevenson and Suraj Thapa. First place in the HVAC System Selection category was awarded to Warsaw University of Technology. Team members are Dagmara Ćwiek, Tomasz Kolsicki, Karolina Kowal and Bartłomiej Tokarzewski. First place in the category of Integrated Sustainable Building Design was awarded to the University of Central Florida. Team members are Itza Beltran, Matthew Coalson, Karena Wai-Ling Edminister, Toby Miles, Samad Syed and Woranart Timsuwan. The Setty Family Foundation Applied Engineering Challenge required students to plan, develop and enact solutions to sustainability issues in their local or regional areas. The first place student team from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo designed a retrofit evaporative cooled system to reduce the energy consumption of typical residential air conditioning system using harvested and/or reclaimed water for a residence in Atlanta, Ga. Team members are Sean Bybee, Sunghoon Chung, Austin Hochstetler and Antonio De Jesus Aguayo.

E.K. Campbell Award of Merit
Julia Keen, Ph.D., P.E., Fellow ASHRAE, received the E.K. Campbell Award of Merit. The award honors an individual for outstanding service and achievement in teaching and is presented by the Life Members Club.
John F. James International Award Timothy C. Dwyer, C.Eng., Fellow ASHRAE, received the John F. James International Award. The award recognizes a member who has done the most to enhance the Society’s international presence.
ASHRAE Pioneers of Industry Award
The ASHRAE Pioneers of Industry Award recognizes deceased individuals who have made milestone contributions to the growth of HVAC&R. The recipient, Sadi Carnot (1796 – 1832), was a French military engineer and physicist, often described as the "father of thermodynamics". Carnot's work attracted little attention during his lifetime, but it was later used by Rudolf Clausius and Lord Kelvin to formalize the second law of thermodynamics and define the concept of entropy.

ASHRAE Hall of Fame
 Lynn G. Bellenger, P.E. Fellow/Presidential Member ASHRAE and Seichi “Bud” Konzo were inducted into the ASHRAE Hall of Fame. The ASHRAE Hall of Fame honors deceased members of the Society who have made milestone contributions to the growth of ASHRAE-related technology or the development of ASHRAE as a society.

F. Paul Anderson Award
Steven T. Taylor, P.E., Fellow ASHRAE received the F. Paul Anderson Award. The award is given for notable achievement of outstanding services performed in the HVAC&R field. The award, ASHRAE’s highest given for technical achievement, is named in memory of Presidential Member F. Paul Anderson, who was a pioneer in the study of environmental conditions for comfort.
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