At factory of GEA Refrigeration in Netherlands an explosion occurred

At the GEA Refrigeration company in Den Bosch an explosion occurred Monday morning. According to a spokesman for the North-West Security Region, a gas cylinder with fifty liters of ammonia has exploded. There are five light injured. Happiness in an accident was that the company's employees had a break at the time of the explosion. An area of ​​about two hundred meters around the building was taken out of precaution immediately after the explosion. Companies were evacuated. There was a hanging around the property, on the former Grasso site, an ammonia air. According to the fire department, this has not produced a danger to the environment. The area was released after eleven hours. The building where the explosion took place is still deposited. GEA Refrigeration is a refrigeration company. For example, compressors are made. According to the fire brigade, ammonia is used as a cooling gas. The cylinder exploded according to the spokesman of the Security Region during daily work. What went wrong is not known. This has yet to be investigated.   Source:
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