ATP Certificate For CoolKit Fridge Vans

CoolKit has been issued with a Class C ATP Certificate by the UK Department for Transport, demonstrating that their refrigerated vehicles adhere to the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs standards and the specialist equipment required to create the fridge conversion.

A Guide To ATP

The ATP agreement has been in action in the UK since October 1980, providing common internationally recognised standards for overland cross-border of perishable foodstuffs.
    • Lists foodstuffs must be transported in accordance with the ATP agreement and sets the warmest temperature range allowed within the load space
    • Sets common standards for temperature controlled transport vehicles such as road vehicles like our refrigerated panel vans, railway wagons and sea containers
    • Sets the tests required on the equipment, in this instance the insulated lining kits utilised to create the fridge van conversion
In the UK, The Refrigerated Vehicle Test Centre is a division of Cambridge Refrigeration Technology, and are contracted by the Department of Transport to be the certifying authority of vehicles.

Effects Of ATP For Road Hauliers And Manufacturers

coolkit fridge vans atp type approval For a road haulage operator only delivering foodstuffs in the UK, there is no legislative requirements for ATP. However, for operators travelling internationally, an ATP certificate is always essential. When refrigerated vehicles are found carrying perishable produce without the vehicle having a valid ATP certificate or plate, there is often a fine on the spot, and in some cases the operator will be forced to transfer the load to a certified vehicle. For CoolKit, as the UK leading manufacturers of refrigerated vehicles, it is imperative that we provide all our vehicles with ATP type approval, demonstrating the overall superior quality of the conversion, from the in-house manufacturing of the insulated lining kit, to the correct installation of the refrigeration unit, creating a complete state-of-the-art fridge conversion. Next week we will got into more details on how we carry out the ATP testing, what we do throughout our design and manufacturing to make sure our vehicles maintain the standards required by the testing, and provide you with useful tips on how this type approval sets a CoolKit fridge van above the competition. Source: CoolKit
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