Banco BPM for sustainable development of LU-VE Group

Date: 03 July 2021
Banco BPM for sustainable development of LU-VE Group
Banco BPM will support the growth of LU-VE Group, with a five-year medium-term loan for a total of €30 million.

Within the financing package, the significant sum of €18 million will be aimed at supporting the company's development plans focused on new ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) programmes. This amount is part of the €5 billion cap denominated "Sustainable Investments 2020-2023", made available by Banco BPM for those qualifying companies that favour the transition towards a sustainable economy.

"Attention to sustainability has been one of LU-VE's distinctive traits since its foundation. We continue to work in this direction, on a path of innovation and growth that interprets and respects the new environmental needs. We are delighted that Banco BPM has recognized our commitment to increasingly sustainable objectives, which have been and continue to be fundamental for the Group's economic growth", says Matteo Liberali, CEO of LU-VE.

"Promoting a new sensitivity to ESG issues is a challenge that Banco Bpm has decided to take up by implementing concrete support actions for customers who want to invest in sustainability", says Luca Manzoni of Banco BPM.

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