Beijer Ref opens new logistics center in Holland

It has been under construction for more than a year. Now, Beijer Ref's new logistics center in Eindhoven in southern Holland is ready. The plant, which is just over 12,000 m2, becomes a new logistical hub for Beijer Ref’s companies in Benelux and Central Europe. With offices, meeting rooms, exhibition rooms a large assembly hall, the center becomes an efficient warehouse that also offers assembly of new environmental technology.

 All back office activities from the Group's companies in the Benelux region will be transferred to the Center. The warehouse, equipped with seven robots, will be able to pick up to 400 orders per hour. In total, 100 employees will work at the logistics center, which is also equipped with a 150 m2 test room and a separate showroom.

The new logistics center is part of Beijer Ref's commitment to meeting customers with a modern and future-oriented offer.
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