BITZER awards prizes to special business partners

At the end of September 2017, the traditional BITZER EMEA Distribution Conference was held in Leipzig, Germany. The compressor specialist BITZER – with its headquarters in Sindelfingen, Germany – has one of its most important production plants in close-by Schkeuditz, and at the conference, it picked out three international partners for particular achievements: ECR Italy from Italy, TAIRIS AEVE from Greece and RSL Ireland from Ireland. In 2017, the BITZER EMEA Distributor Award, which has been awarded since 1995, went to ECR Italy. This Italian company has 17 locations in Italy with a total of 100 staff and, since its foundation in 2000, has worked very closely with BITZER Italia. This sales partner won over the BITZER jury with its extraordinary commitment. ‘ECR Italy consistently has a lot of BITZER products in their range and supports the development of our Green Point service and maintenance network. This year, we are also carrying out a unique project all across Italy with our ECOSTAR Roadshow. Stops include Milan, Brescia, Florence, Rome and Turin. I would like to thank ECR Italy for their magnificent collaboration,’ said Gianni Parlanti, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at BITZER. Representing ECR, Fabio Fogliani, Managing Director ECR Italy, and Marco Curato, Group Purchasing Director, accepted the award. New Product Top Performer 2017 – TAIRIS AEVE BITZER distinguished TAIRIS AEVE as the New Product Top Performer 2017. This Greek company, founded in 1978, has worked very successfully with BITZER since 1981. Already in 2001, BITZER recognised their particular commitment and reliability with the EMEA Distributor of the Year Award. ‘With this year’s prize, we would like to honour the team from TAIRIS AEVE for the extraordinary efforts that it made to establish newly developed products from BITZER in the Greek market,’ said Parlanti. Half a century together – RSL Ireland To conclude, BITZER presented a special prize to the Irish distributor RSL Ireland, which has been a reliable wholesaler for BITZER UK since 1967. The founder of RSL and its managing director to this day is Gerry McDonagh. ‘It was then – and still is today – a stroke of luck for both companies that RSL Ireland and BITZER found one another,’ said Parlanti. ‘This partnership has now lasted for half a century and that is something quite special. On behalf of the whole RSL team, I would like to say: many thanks, Gerry McDonagh. We look forward to many future projects with RSL Ireland.’

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