BITZER ORBIT scroll compressors are ready to work with Opteon XL41

Date: 11 January 2019
BITZER ORBIT scroll compressors are ready to work with Opteon XL41

The Chemours Company (Chemours) announces that Opteon XL41 (R-454B) - compatible compressors are now part of the product portfolio from compressor manufacturer BITZER headquartered in Sindelfingen, Germany. With the ORBIT series, BITZER offers a comprehensive solution to help system manufacturers meet the ambitious objectives of the European F-Gas Regulation and Ecodesign Directive, and enables customers to select the lowest global warming potential (GWP) R-410A-like solution in the market.

All BITZER ORBIT scroll series (ORBIT, ORBIT+ and ORBIT FIT) are now fully capable working with Opteon XL41 (R-454B). With a GWP of 466 (AR4), and an ASHRAE safety classification of A2L, XL41 offers the lowest GWP replacement solution for R-410A in new equipment, while providing improved energy efficiency compared to R-410A, similar capacity and excellent design compatibility.

To further assist system manufacturers, BITZER has updated its component selection software, including the newly developed ORBIT+ series, featuring a Line Start Permanent Magnet (LSPM) motor, and the ORBIT FIT series with economizer technology, as well as new refrigerants, including Opteon XL41 (R-454B). Ricardo Rodríguez, Product Manager Scroll Compressors for EMEA at BITZER, adds: “Having the ORBIT scroll series released for Opteon XL41 (R-454B) allows BITZER to offer solutions for air conditioning and heat pump applications, which comply with the long-term targets of the European F-Gas Regulation while minimizing the impact on equipment re-design and providing similar performance when replacing R-410A”.

Diego Boeri, Vice President of Chemours Fluorochemicals commented: “We are extremely pleased that BITZER has completed qualification of their ORBIT Scroll Series with Opteon XL41, and that these compressors represent an important offering in the market. This will enable customers to proactively transition to the lowest GWP, R-410A-like refrigerant solution, which is critical as we approach the next significant phasedown step in the F-Gas Regulation in 2021.”

The Opteon XL refrigerant series is a portfolio of sustainable and versatile refrigerants with an ASHRAE safety classification of A2L that meet the long-term needs of the refrigeration, air conditioning, heat pump and chiller markets.It has been developed to support the global goals of the Kigali Amendment to the Montreal Protocol, which is driving industry to more sustainable refrigerant choices and equipment designs to reduce the carbon footprint of the HVACR industry.Specifically, in Europe, the very low GWP Opteon XL refrigerant portfolio supports the market transitions required by the F-Gas Regulation and enables customers to select their optimal solution – considering performance, safety, sustainability and total cost of ownership.

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