BITZER software with lots of additional options

With the BITZER software 6.5.0, customers can calculate the performance data for innovative products with new refrigerants and access technical information. In this way, the compressor specialist helps users select the appropriate components.


With the update to Version 6.5.0, the BITZER software now contains the external VARIPACK frequency inverters. The VARIPACK product series is designed for safe and easy capacity control in refrigeration and air conditioning systems and has been specially developed for BITZER refrigeration compressors. ‘The software update allows users to configure the ideal combination of compressor and frequency inverter for a variety of applications’, says Julian Pfaffl, Head of Product Performance at BITZER.

Frequency inverters for ECOLINE
The update also enables system calculation for ECOLINE reciprocating compressors in combination with external frequency inverters. In the input field, users can switch this on and adjust the frequency using a slider. As with the compressors of the ECOLINE VARISPEED series, here the frequency can be calculated in line with the required capacity or manually adjusted by the user. The appropriate VARIPACK frequency inverter is then selected in the ‘Accessories’ section. ‘The software also offers a graphic display of application limits, which makes it easier for users to efficiently and reliably select a system for a variety of application cases, even without any special knowledge about frequency inverters’, explains Pfaffl.

The software contains the complete ECOSTAR series
With integration of the new LHV5E condensing unit, the BITZER software now contains the entire ECOSTAR series. The series fulfils the criteria of the Ecodesign Directive, which as of 1 July defines efficiency requirements, including for condensing units, in the EU. The software allows you to confirm these requirements for individual compact screw compressor units as well as download the corresponding performance data sheet with seasonal coefficients of performance. Users can also select a condensing unit and press the ‘Ecodesign’ button in the menu.

An extensive range of refrigerants
The 6.5.0 software update also enables system calculation with the four HFO/HFC blends R448A, R449A, R450A and R513A for ECOLINE VARISPEED reciprocating compressors und ECOSTAR condensing units. BITZER’s double-stage reciprocating compressors can now also be calculated with R448A and R449A. In response to the F-gas Regulation, these two refrigerants can be used as an alternative to R404A and R507A. The update also allows users to configure semi-hermetic compact screw compressors with R450A, R513A, R1234yf and R1234ze.

Oil separators for ammonia applications
The horizontal oil separators of the OAHC series, which have been specially designed for ammonia applications, are also included in the software update. Like the oil separators before them, the OAHC models can also be configured in the BITZER software in the accessories module, where you can choose between horizontal and vertical oil separators. The software also automatically determines which design is the best fit for the application in question. The OAHC series boasts a triple-stage oil separator and achieves minimal oil carry over rates between 5 and 10 ppm. The BITZER Group is the world’s largest independent manufacturer of refrigeration compressors with sales companies and production sites for reciprocating, screw, and scroll compressors as well as pressure vessels all over the globe.
In 2015, 3,400 employees generated sales of €686 million.  

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