Bluezero – Official Trademark for Water as Refrigerant Registered

Date: 11 December 2020
Bluezero – Official Trademark for Water as Refrigerant Registered
Efficient Energy GmbH registered the name of its technology using water as a refrigerant as a trademark.

The name “Bluezero” has officially been registered by Efficient Energy GmbH at the European Patent Office in order to guarantee exclusivity for the refrigeration industry. However, the company’s intention was not only to protect the name, but also to fulfil the commitment to quality to its customers and partners. Bluezero stands for 100 % water as a refrigerant and 0 % direct CO2. Bluezero has also been registered as a trademark for the USA and is to be protected for at least 10 years.

Efficient Energy GmbH develops, manufactures and sells environmentally friendly refrigeration technology without greenhouse or ozone depletion potential. The company’s mission is to establish water as a refrigerant, providing the technology to replace climate-damaging refrigeration systems using F-gases. With its eChiller models, Efficient Energy is the only company worldwide that manufactures chillers with water as the refrigerant in series. These are available with 35 kW to 120 kW cooling capacity, achieve a cooling capacity of more than 500 kW configured in a cluster and are used by many well-known customers (e.g. Siemens, British Telecom, Gardena) for machine cooling, process cooling or the cooling of technical equipment and data centers.

OEM solution, a subtle lettering with “Bluezero inside” indicates the technology used in OEM products.
By using the natural refrigerant water, the Bluezero technology supports the implementation of the F-Gas Regulation, contributes to compliance with the climate targets and is therefore funded by the German Federal Office of Economics and Export Control (BAFA). The technology also helps companies minimize their carbon footprint. The reduction is achieved through the use of water as a climate-neutral refrigerant and an excellent energy efficiency.

Using water as a refrigerant sounds simple, but it took more than 10 years of development work. The technology is therefore protected by more than 200 patents. The advantages of water as a refrigerant are obvious: it has neither greenhouse nor ozone depletion potential, is non-flammable, explosive or toxic, and its availability is not restricted. When used as a refrigerant, it is extremely efficient, can be operated in an oil-free system, is not subject to any legal restrictions and does not require certified maintenance according to refrigeration guidelines. With the Bluezero technology, water is used in a classic refrigeration cycle, whereby the compressor structure is of course specially tailored to the properties of the refrigerant. Bluezero not only avoids direct but also indirect CO2-emissions, as there is no need to develop, manufacture, transport, recycle or dispose F-gases. This ensures operational safety as long as water is available on our planet.
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