BS EN378: 2016 Refrigeration Safety Standard update now available

BS EN378: 2016 Refrigerating systems and heat pumps. Safety and environmental requirements is now available to purchase from the BSI website at The safety standard appears in four parts: 1. Basic requirements, definitions, classification and selection criteria 2. Design, construction, testing, marking and documentation 3. Installation site and personal protection 4. Operation, maintenance, repair and recovery The IOR Technical Committee are preparing guidance to the changes in the new standard - particularly related to the use of flammable refrigerants and A2L classification - and this will be available shortly. The IOR Refrigeration Codes of Practice are currently being revised to reflect the changes and will be republished to members early in 2017. The IOR's role in international Standards development. The IOR nominates members of its technical committee to the UK standards groups that contribute to the reviewing and approval of changes to European and International Standards.  In the case of EN378 it is the BSI (British Standards Institute) group RHE18 and its working groups that have reviewed the changes proposed by the various representatives of different national standards committees over the past few years of this revision process.  IOR members take part in these reviews and meetings at their own cost as volunteers and we are grateful for their input and expertise. The European Standard EN378:2016 has now been adopted by the BSI in the UK as BS EN378:2016.  CEN is a standard setting group which represents member countries from Europe and neighbouring countries, and is not an EU institution. The UK's membership of CEN and adoption of standards in the UK is not expected to be affected by the UK leaving the EU. Refcatalog Read More

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