Carel “k.vent event” on tour in Central and Southern Europe

Date: 08 October 2018
The CAREL Central & Southern Europe subsidiary has organized a series of itinerant events which, from the beginning of October to the end of November, will stop in Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia and Greece. Each of the meetings aims to present the new solution for ventilation applications: a unique and customizable control system that guarantees high efficiency performance for heat recovery units or AHUs. 'This tour represents a precious opportunity to meet our customers belonging to an extended territory and with different prerogatives', commented Mirco Cauz, Managing Director, CAREL Central & Southern Europe. 'A warm thanks goes to our local partners, whose collaboration has made possible the organization of this series of meetings. "

At each stage of the event we will discuss the trends in the ventilation market with in-depth information on the news and specific needs. Ample space will eventually be dedicated to the debate, in order to give voice to all the questions of the participants.

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