CAREL part of the north-east Italian Competence Centre

Date: 07 May 2018
The Industry 4.0 plan to encourage the modernisation of Italy’s industrial processes and strategies through the use of new technologies includes the establishment of so-called Competence Centres, which are essentially innovation districts comprising research organisations and partner companies. The purpose of these Competence Centres is twofold: on one hand, to stimulate innovative businesses by promoting the sharing of structures and the exchange of knowledge, and on the other to encourage the transfer of knowledge, creation of networks, dissemination of information and collaboration between companies and other organisations. The north-east Competence Centre is called SMACT and focuses on the following areas of specialisation: Social network, Mobile platforms &Apps, Advanced Analytics and Big Data, Cloud, Internet of Things. Considering CAREL’s propensity to innovative, its patents and technological products in line with the objectives of the SMACT - CC and its ongoing partnerships with the academic world, CAREL has been selected as one of the industrial partners for the north-east Competence Centre. In particular, two CAREL projects have been included for support by the SMACT - CC. The first involves predictive maintenance of refrigeration systems using IoT, while the second is focused on the development of a computer simulation model for the efficiency of thermodynamic units. “CAREL has followed the process of digitisation not only for our products and as a service to our customers, but also for our internal processes”, commented the company’s founder and president Luigi Rossi Luciani. “We have always worked with universities, and so it seemed a natural choice to apply to be an industrial partner to the Competence Centres and make our contribution to a strategic project in terms of innovation and research”.
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