Carrefour turns to CO2 refrigeration

Carrefour is switching to CO2-based refrigeration systems in its store in order to reduce emissions. The retailer is phasing out its hydrofluorocarbon-based refrigeration, starting with its smaller stores, in order to meet environmental targets, reports Accelerate Europe. Carrefour aims to reduce carbon emissions by 40% by 2025 and by 70% by 2050 (compared to 2010 levels), as part of an environmental push against climate change. In September of last year, Carrefour’s Belgian arm opened a Carrefour Express store fitted with a propylene water-based refrigeration fixture. Carrefour has also introduced multi-temperature trucks powered by natural gas in its fleet in Spain. Paolo Martini, refrigeration and HVAC manager, Carrefour,  told Accelerate Europe, “We’re seeing an interesting evolution in small CO2 systems.” Companies like Green & Cool, Advansor, Sanden and Panasonic are all beginning to offer CO2 condensing units in Europe “We’re interested in testing these systems,” Martini said. “For smaller stores, we’re going to pilot and evaluate hydrocarbons and CO2 in parallel.” “Our strategy is to achieve the goal of HFC-free installations,” Martini said.
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