Carrier Adds Seismic Certification for Award-Winning AquaEdge 19DV Water-Cooled Chiller

Date: 03 April 2024
Carrier Adds Seismic Certification for Award-Winning AquaEdge 19DV Water-Cooled Chiller
Carrier's AquaEdge 19DV water-cooled centrifugal chiller line is now certified to comply with seismic requirements. 

The 19DV is the latest in Carrier’s lineup of chillers to be certified by California’s Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI). It also meets current International Building Code, California Building Code and ASCE 7 seismic qualification requirements based on shake table testing conducted earlier this year by a certified outside lab. The 19DV was certified for both ground level and above-ground installations.

“The 19DV was designed to be able to withstand a seismic event and still operate as specified,” said Tom Franaszek, Director of Global Chillers and Heat Pumps, Carrier. “That provides peace of mind for building owners and managers who live in areas with more seismic activity or who must comply with more stringent codes. This testing has shown the 19DV’s robust design, incredible versatility and full-system approach to efficient cooling and can stand up to a seismic event.”

The 19DV is available with a capacity range from 350 tons to 1150 tons and utilizes a refrigerant with an ultra-low global warming potential of ~1. The chiller was designed to minimize environmental impact while also providing industry leading efficiency for a wide range of applications. It also provides “free cooling,” a strategy for leveraging natural air temperatures, which can result in thousands of dollars in energy savings per year while reducing maintenance costs and mechanical room space.

Carrier offers numerous seismically certified product lines, to include water- and air-cooled chillers and split systems.
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