Carrier Collaborates with AT&T on Digital Service Offering

AT&T and Carrier are announcing the addition of AT&T wireless connectivity on commercial HVAC equipment with Carrier SMART Service, a remote connectivity and advanced analytics solution. This new offering uses the AT&T network to help collect and analyze chiller operating performance to deliver pre-emptive service solutions. The data collected through AT&T IoT technology can reveal operating trends and provide a more complete understanding of the health of the chiller. Depending on the results, Carrier SMART Service can then provide recommendations for service, repairs or system modifications.  This collaboration will provide facility managers the capability to make more informed maintenance decisions so that service and repairs are only preformed when needed – often before an issue arises. Carrier SMART Service will use AT&T IoT technology to help improve oversight of chiller energy and maintenance expenses.  The AT&T Global SIM card and IoT Services, like Control Center, allow for near real-time access to data directly from the chiller. This persistent and reliable service helps Carrier customers have the peace of mind to know whether their equipment is running at optimal levels. Carrier customers’ benefits include:
  • Early detection of an issue. This means faster resolution.
  • Better energy management. This improves ownership costs.
  • Proactive maintenance. This corrects minor problems before they lead to more complex and expensive repairs.
“IoT technology optimizes equipment management,” said Chris Opie, director of marketing North America, Carrier Commercial Systems. “The secure AT&T network gives our customers valuable information. It helps them better manage their equipment and facility – saving them time and money, while delivering on our commitment to provide the most innovative and efficient service offerings.” Carrier SMART Service is available in the United States with AquaEdge water-cooled chillers with product integrated controls. It is also portable, which means facility managers and building owners can use the technology on a temporary basis to troubleshoot, diagnose issues and provide service recommendations. “IoT solutions offer enhanced visibility and awareness, which can be a huge benefit for businesses.  Our work with Carrier will provide valuable insights that can help strengthen their customer relationships,” said Joe Mosele, vice president, Internet of Things Solutions, AT&T.   Read More
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