Carrier HVAC North America Field Service Expands Footprint

Date: 15 January 2019
Carrier HVAC North America Field Service Expands Footprint

Carrier’s heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) North America Field Service business has announced the recent expansion of eight offices across the United States, reinforcing its commitment to improving customer service. This increase in footprint is one component of a larger initiative, Service 2.0, Carrier’s new customer-focused, outcome-based approach across its HVAC North America Field Service business.

As part of its Service 2.0 initiative, Carrier is transforming its operations with a new organizational structure to better serve its customers on a market-by-market basis across the country. With this program, Carrier is reinventing its HVAC service offering by strengthening its focus on the customer, reimagining service and providing engineered solutions that meet and exceed our customers’ goals in their local markets. The expansion and investment in its footprint will allow Carrier HVAC North America Field Service to get closer to more customers ensuring a more agile response.

In line with these initiatives, in 2018, offices were established, or augmented in Austin, Boston, Detroit, Kansas City, Milwaukee, Raleigh, San Diego and Tampa; marking a nearly 10 percent growth in office footprint, with further growth planned for 2019.

“Our expansion enables Carrier to be more deeply involved in the communities we serve,” said Scott Moore, managing director, Carrier HVAC North America Field Service. “Our Service 2.0 initiative enables us to provide service excellence across the complete customer journey by reinvesting in our key segments to better serve our customers on the local level. We expect this office expansion will also drive growth in these geographies and allow Carrier to be a better partner on the local level.”

Carrier Service field offices serve as a local connection to Carrier customers and adding to the existing footprint allows Field Service personnel to efficiently reach more customers with a faster response time.

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