Carrier Taiwan Deploys Chillers to Semiconductor Manufacturer

Date: 26 September 2020
Carrier Taiwan Deploys Chillers to Semiconductor Manufacturer

Carrier Taiwan Co., LTD (Carrier Taiwan) has again been selected to provide Carrier AquaEdge19XR water-cooled centrifugal chillers to a global iconic semiconductor manufacturer. The high-efficiency chillers will be installed in a second new factory in Tainan Science Park, Taiwan, and build on the successful installation of AquaEdge 19XR chillers in the manufacturer’s campus earlier this year. 

Semiconductor manufacturers have strict standards for their suppliers and building on the success of Carrier’s first chiller installation and a comprehensive consultation process, Carrier Taiwan won the second project. The order for the first factory was Carrier Taiwan’s largest ever for AquaEdge19XR chillers, and the chillers for the second factory will be installed in late 2020.

“Carrier is very experienced and has a reputation for delivering excellent customer service and building trust from the beginning of the consultation process,” said John Lu, General Manager, Carrier Taiwan. “However, the high-tech industry is very competitive and the application environments have specific requirements. Carrier Taiwan was awarded the project because of its outstanding performance in cost-effectiveness, quality and reliability. These characteristics will allow Carrier Taiwan to continuously expand in the high-tech industry.”

The Carrier AquaEdge 19XR water-cooled centrifugal chillers chosen for the project achieve high efficiency using proven technologies designed specifically for chlorine-free HFC-134a refrigerant, including a two-stage compressor with economizer design and an aerodynamically contoured impeller.

The manufacturing period of an AquaEdge 19XR is about half a year. Despite the global epidemic’s effect on factory operation and transportation logistics in the beginning of the year, Carrier Taiwan is on track to deliver this important order on time.

Carrier has more than 100 years of history in innovation. Carrier Taiwan plans to continue to expand its presence in the high-tech industry and provide outstanding products and technologies to customers.

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