Carrier Transicold Presents Latest Innovations For Sustainable Refrigerated Transport At Transport Compleet Show

Carrier Transicold’s latest innovations to help maintain a high-performance cold chain while reducing its environmental footprint was on display at the Transport Compleet Show, March 15-17 in Hardenberg, Netherlands. In addition to a variety of refrigerants and advanced products – for the first time – feature solutions from newly acquired TRS Transportkoeling b.v. (TRS), a Dutch manufacturer and service provider of sustainable transport refrigeration systems for trailers, trucks and containers. New refrigerant choices Carrier Transicold’s lower global warming potential refrigerant options, including: R-452A. A proposed alternative to R-404A, R-452A offers the same level of refrigeration performance, the same fuel efficiency, reliability and refrigerant charge as R-404A, with a 45 per cent lower global warming potential (GWP). The new refrigerant is available on all Vector™ and Supra™ units. Carrier Transicold offers customers the option to have existing units retrofitted to operate using R-452A. Carbon dioxide (CO2). Cost-effective, readily available worldwide and with a GWP of only one, CO2 refrigerant is roughly 2,000 times better than R-452A (GWP 2,141) and 4,000 times better than R-404A (GWP 3,922). CO2 refrigerant is non-flammable and non-ozone depleting. High performance support Carrier’s patented E-Drive™ all-electric technology found on the Pulsor™, Vector 1550 and Vector 1950 units, can reduce refrigerant leak rates by as much as 55 per cent over conventional belt-driven systems. The use of micro-channel heat exchanger coils in many of our latest-generation products ensures an environmentally sound solution as a result of a compact design providing up to a 25 per cent reduction in each unit’s refrigerant charge versus standard heat exchangers. Carrier Transicold can also directly support customers in complying with the European F-gas legislation through its newly launched everCOLD™ flexible maintenance package. This includes all required maintenance and system leak checks carried out by F-gas certified engineers in accordance with EU517/2014. New energy sources Carrier Transicold also showcased its engineering innovations to develop alternative energy sources with the introduction of a prototype engine using compressed natural gas (CNG), which enables a significant reduction in polluting emissions — 95 per cent in particulate emissions, 70 per cent in nitrogen oxide (NOx) emissions — and noise emissions. This may also provide a cost savings, as the price of CNG as an operating fuel has been consistently lower than diesel. This is the first step toward using a CNG engine for transport refrigeration. The CNG engine adapt to the Supra range for trucks. It has been designed to be fitted with an independent tank for the natural gas engine of the refrigeration unit, allowing for full autonomy of the refrigeration unit. Supra range The Supra range for trucks showcased, featuring additional equipment and options for an improved customer experience. A new cab command is standard with the new Supra units, following the DIN standard format and featuring a larger screen and buttons making it more user-friendly. The Supra range can also be fitted with a new Low Emissions Pack that includes a low-emission engine that reduces particle emissions up to 50 per cent, R-452A refrigerant and low sound levels for noise emissions reduction. TRS, a new member of the Carrier Transicold family The Transport Compleet showed the first occasion for Carrier Transicold to present theTRS range of sustainable transport refrigeration systems for trucks, containers and controlled atmosphere refrigerated transport. TRS, which became part of the Carrier Transicold family last month, designs, produces and services engineless refrigeration systems using hydro-electric technology. Sourcing power from the truck engine improves fuel efficiency, lowers noise levels and reduces maintenance. “The acquisition of TRS enables Carrier Transicold to enhance its range of engineless transport refrigeration, strengthening our efforts toward achieving a sustainable cold chain,” said Victor Calvo, vice president and general manager, Carrier Transicold Truck Trailer, EMEA, Russia, Asia. “We have seen the emergence of a number of regulations to limit noise and environmental impact in the recent years. We believe TRS’ innovation and technology furthere help our customers meet their efficiency and sustainability goals.”   Source:
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