Carrier Transicold Presents Sustainable Refrigeration Solutions at North American Commercial Vehicle Show

A full complement of innovative products and sustainable refrigerated transport solutions are showcased by Carrier Transicold at the first North American Commercial Vehicle Show (NACV) at the Georgia World Congress Center this week. Carrier Transicold is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. “We’re proud to spotlight the emission-reducing ComfortPro auxiliary power units (APUs), now exclusively manufactured for the trucking industry at our Athens, Georgia facility,” said Tom Ondo, vice president and general manager, Truck, Trailer, Rail Americas, Carrier Transicold. “Supporting the refrigerated transport sector, we are introducing the model 35X, a new engineless direct-drive refrigeration unit, featured alongside other innovative solutions, including high-performance solar panels and trailer refrigeration units compliant with the latest standards from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and California Air Resources Board.” Carrier Transicold’s NACV lineup includes:
  • ComfortPro APUs – The diesel-powered ComfortPro APUs save fuel and provide compliance with anti-idling regulations while delivering truck cab heating, cooling and electrical power as well as automatic truck battery charging and engine warming.
  • 35X Direct-Drive Truck Unit – A new unit for small and medium trucks as well as large cargo vans, the model 35X is engineless, which can help fleets reduce their environmental impact.
  • Neos 100S Unit – Unlike a conventional direct-drive refrigeration unit, the Neos 100S unit for light commercial vehicles uses the vehicle’s alternator to electrically power the system, thus enabling consistent cooling and heating, regardless of engine speed.
  • Vector Series - The Vector 8500 single-temperature unit and the Vector 8600MT multi-temperature unit feature E-Drive™ all-electric refrigeration technology and are equipped for electric standby operation. Compared to prior models, they are 10 percent lighter in weight and consume up to 26 percent less fuel over a full range of operating conditions, reducing emissions proportionately.
  • X4 Series – Carrier Transicold’s refrigeration capacity leaders, the single-temperature models 7500 and 7300 offer capacities of 68,000 and 66,000 BTUs, respectively, at the industry rating setpoint of 35 degrees Fahrenheit. The ultra-high-efficiency designs require 18 percent less power, 5 to 22 percent less fuel and achieve 35 to 50 percent more BTUs of cooling per gallon of fuel at AHRI rating conditions than earlier models.
  • Engine Emissions System (EES) – Designed to further reduce emissions from Carrier trailer refrigeration systems, the EES is tailor-made for refrigerated trailers used in California where particulate emissions regulations are more stringent than those of the EPA. The system removes 93 percent of hydrocarbons and over 98 percent of particulate matter, well beyond California’s 85 percent requirement.
  • Thin-Film Flexible Solar Panels – Available in three sizes, Carrier Transicold solar panels help maintain peak performance of refrigeration unit batteries in an environmentally sustainable way. The technology provides high performance in real-world conditions where daylight is indirect or low.
Source: Carrier Transicold
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