Castel announcement

Date: 24 March 2020
Castel announcement

To all Customers, Suppliers and Employees,

After the announcements on Saturday evening, on the afternoon of Sunday 22 March the President of the Council of Ministers signed the decree which arranges the closure from 23 March and until the 3 April including all non-essential production activities, in which our company also falls.

The decree allows us to complete the preparation and shipping of the goods in stock, until the day 25 March.

The decree also allows the continuation of work activities organized in smart-working, for which we have already provided.

In light of the above, for relations with Customers and Suppliers, we communicate that as of today, March 23, for external relations activities, until next April 3 inclusive, the organization is as follows:

Vimercate Finished Products Warehouse > Will remain open and operational until the day 25 March inclusive,

Commercial Office > will continue the activity of smart-working,

Administrative Office > will continue the activity of smart-working,

All other offices > will continue to work of smart-working, Pessano Security Service > will ensure 24 hour presence throughout the closed period of the company.


We would like to thank all the workers who during this difficult period have continued to work in a state of strong anxiety and concern, but who have nevertheless allowed our company to continue to operate and serve its customers.

The commitment of all the management of Castel is to ensure the protection of all its workers by immediately adopting all the security measures prescribed by the authorities.

We wish all of us, our families and loved ones well, and hope that this period of emergency will be resolved in the best possible way and as soon as possible so that we can return to our lives and normality.

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