Centrifugal fan from ebm-papst for astronaut mobile ventilation case

Date: 05 June 2018
On Wednesday, 6 June 2018 at 1.12 pm, Alexander Gerst from Künzelsau will take off from Kazakhstan's Baikonur space station for the ISS (International Space Station). Before his departure, he is supported by a ebm-papst product. When Alexander Gerst leaves for the International Space Station on 6 June 2018, he and his astronaut colleagues will carry a small suitcase. It does not contain personal belongings for the journey. The case is pure technology and extremely important for Gerst and his team. Because their space suits are hermetically sealed. Only with the help of the mobile ventilation case, which is connected via hoses to the space suits of the astronauts, complete overheating of the body can be prevented effectively.Whether in training or on the way to the space capsule, the astronauts – due to the mobile ventilation case – always have sufficiently cooled air. This works thanks to an EC centrifugal fan from ebm-papst, which is installed in the case, continuously blowing air into the helmet and suit. Once in the capsule, Gerst and his colleagues connect to the on-board system, which then takes over the ventilation of the suits.
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