Chemours Announces Price Increase on Freon Refrigerants in EU

The Chemours Company  announced the following price increaseson Freon Refrigerants sold in the European Union, effective May 1, 2017, or as contractsand law allow.
GWP % increase
Freon™ 404A 3922 30%
Freon™ 507A 3985 30%
Freon™ 407A 2107 10%
Freon™ 410A 2088 10%
Freon™ 407C 1774 10%
Freon™ 134a 1430 10%
Transition from high-GWP products like R-404A to low-GWP technologies like theOpteon range of refrigerant solutions will help drive the EU market to achieve the goals outlined in the F-Gas Regulation. Chemours is well-positioned to help the market achieve this transition with products like Opteon XP40, Opteon XP44 and Opteon XP10 which are commercially available and successfully used in thousandsof systems today. Read More
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