Chemours Opteon Refrigerants Receive Expanded EPA Approval

The Chemours Company announced that the U.S. EPA Significant New Alternatives Policy (SNAP) program has listed low global warming potential (GWP) refrigerants Opteon(TM) XP44 (R-452A), Opteon(TM) XP40 (R-449A), and Opteon(TM) XP10 (R-513A) as acceptable for use. The U.S. EPA SNAP program supports the transition away from ozone-depleting compounds.
Opteon(TM) XP44 (R-452A) is now listed as acceptable for use in new and retrofit equipment for refrigerated transport (refrigerated trucks and trailers) and remote condensing units used in retail food refrigeration. Opteon(TM) XP44 has a GWP approximately 50% lower than R-404A and was specifically designed for applications where low compressor discharge temperatures are required. XP44 provides the closest discharge temperature match to R-404A, which makes it an ideal replacement for applications such as transport refrigeration and hermetic compressor systems, especially in low temperature conditions. Many leading global equipment manufacturers have made public announcements regarding their approval, adoption, and use of Opteon(TM)XP44 (R-452A) as a low GWP replacement for R-404A.
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