Chester Zoo has revealed an sustainable heating collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric

Date: 26 May 2024
Chester Zoo has revealed an sustainable heating collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric
Chester Zoo has revealed an ambitious sustainable heating collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric during a press event featuring TV presenter George Clarke.

The partnership aims to decarbonize heating throughout the zoo's conservation facility in Cheshire, as part of its initiative to achieve net zero emissions. Mitsubishi Electric will collaborate with the zoo's teams to provide heating, cooling, and ventilation solutions across the 128-acre site, while also reducing carbon emissions. This effort is crucial for the zoo, known for its commitment to preventing extinction and promoting environmental awareness.

Chester Zoo is striving to achieve net zero emissions by 2030 for its scope 1 and 2 emissions and by 2050 for its scope 3 emissions. To accomplish this, the zoo is actively working to decrease its dependence on fossil fuels. Each building on the site has unique requirements based on its function and the animals it houses.

The zoo's Head of Sustainability, Jennifer Kelly, emphasized the urgency of addressing global biodiversity and climate challenges, highlighting the importance of sustainable partnerships to showcase best practices and inspire action.

The collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric stemmed from successful projects involving air source heat pumps and ventilation systems in the zoo's new venue, The Square, and in the rhino habitats. These initiatives demonstrate the potential for heat pumps to operate effectively in diverse and demanding environments.

George Clarke, an ambassador for Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan, praised the deployment of air source heat pumps at Chester Zoo, underscoring their adaptability for various settings. The partnership signifies a significant step for Chester Zoo, which is renowned as the UK's top zoo and a leader in sustainability efforts.

Chris Newman, Net Zero Design Manager at Mitsubishi Electric, expressed enthusiasm about collaborating with Chester Zoo, emphasizing shared values in sustainability and education.

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