CIAT’s Floway Achieves Eurovent’s Top Air Tightness Rating

Date: 12 March 2019
CIAT’s Floway Achieves Eurovent’s Top Air Tightness Rating
CIAT has achieved Eurovent’s top air-tightness rating for its Floway range of compact, high performance air handling units. Air leakage from the system is minimised to negligible levels, enabling the units to operate at a high level of energy efficiency, meaning better system performance and lower operational costs. 

CIAT secured the coveted Eurovent L1 status for Floway by achieving leakage rates of less than 0.15 l/sm² at a pressure of -400 Pa, and less than 0.22 l/sm² at a pressure of +700 Pa.This is a 60 per cent improvement on leakage rates for L2 rated systems, which covers the majority of air handling unit systems available.

“Air tightness in air handling units has a profound effect on the performance and energy efficiency of systems.Losses of cooled or heated air means the system has to work harder, using more energy.As a result of our meticulous engineering and design, we are delighted that CIAT’s Floway has achieved Eurovent’s highest rating for air tightness,” said Paul Smith, head of sales, CIAT UK.

“The improved efficiency translates into even better performance and lower running costs for customers throughout the lifetime of the equipment.It also gives us an important edge over competitors, as the majority don’t achieve this level of air tightness.

The new Floway system remains highly cost-competitive, but is suitable for high specification projects requiring the highest levels of efficiency and performance, such as premium office buildings, hotels, leisure facilities, public buildings, universities and hospitals.

It is available in three models, Classic, Vertical and Ceiling-mounted, plus the Floway DX, which combines a Floway system with a high efficiency DX unit for integrated heating and cooling in one package, backed by Toshiba Carrier UK Ltd as a single supplier for total peace of mind.

CIAT’s Floway system has been developed and tested in its research and development centre at Culoz, France.Test rooms replicate real-life climatic conditions and environments, enabling tests of air-tightness, panel insulation, acoustics, heat recovery performance and controls to be carried out to internationally recognised Eurovent standards.
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